WeWIN | Powering the Next Generation of Giving

WeWIN is a flexible platform that connects retailers and their fans with the causes they care about. By directly integrating with retailer ecommerce systems, WeWIN provides a completely unique way to engage with your audience. WeWIN works behind the scenes, while you focus on what you do best.

Retailers and causes, large and small: You Win, WeWIN. Together.

Focus | WeWIN


After Hurricane Sandy, the team at WeWIN knew that leveraging our platform would help others in times of crisis and need.

Following the storm, relief organizations struggled to coordinate recovery efforts with retailers who were desperate to help. Social media was quickly becoming a critical part of the equation.


WeWIN was perfectly positioned to connect the dots. Brands, causes and customers unite under one platform. WeWIN was born.

By combining the power of social media with the efficiency of online commerce, WeWIN provides a completely new and unique way for donations and relief efforts to be organized.


WeWIN allows brands and causes to connect with their fans in new and meaningful ways.

From national chains to local shops, tie your brand to a cause.

Consumers are interacting with brands like never before. Social media, smartphones, tablets, and now wearables have completely changed the way retailers reach their fans. WeWIN makes sense of it all. The key is to align your brand with the causes your fans care about. Contact us and learn more

Product Integration

WeWIN aligns your product feed directly alongside the causes your fans care about. Real time inventory management, product details and pricing status have become the new standard.

Get Social

Having launched social commerce sites with some of the world’s largest brands, we know a thing or two about social. 

Any Screen, Anywhere

You don’t get second chances with customers. WeWIN puts your brand at the right time, at the right place. Phones at the mall, tablets at home, or wearables on the beach are all part of WeWIN connecting customers, brands and causes.

Focus | TheFireStore


Firefighters across the country struggle to afford the equipment needed to perform their life saving jobs.

Believe it or not, firefighters have to purchase much of their own equipment. Retailers including TheFireStore who supply products to firefighters, are challenged with finding new and unique ways to get equipment into the hands that need them.


TheFireStore selects WeWIN to engage with the social network of the firefighting community.

By integrating TheFireStore’s product feed, WeWIN enables firefighters to build and share social “WinLists” of the exact equipment they need. Products are purchased online by the community and shipped directly to the firehouse. Size XL Helmet? Check!


WeWIN enables the community to support their local heroes with life saving products from TheFireStore.

Next generation donors have a new set of expectations. Is your cause ready?

Smart phones and social media have changed the way donors connect and contribute to the causes they support. Transparency and convenience have become the new norm. WeWIN combines your cause with the retail brands your donors connect with to provide a completely unique donation experience. Contact us and learn more

Generation: Mobile

WeWIN rewards “giving on the go” by providing targeted incentives from geofenced local and national retailers, wherever they are. Donors choose rewards from brands they already know and love.

Transparent Giving

As a donor, would you rather send $10 or see a specific $10 product being delivered exactly where it’s needed most? Welcome to WeWIN.

Increased Donations

The WeWIN platform provides a powerful web-based interface to manage and track your rewards offerings. A clean and easy-to-use interface combined with a powerful back-end is a winning combination.

Focus | Ability Counts


Smart phones and social media have created a new set of expectations from donors. Causes are tasked with providing increased transparency in order to keep up.

Ability Counts is a nonprofit in California specializing in employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  Due to recent growth, their Community Center was in need of updates.  Ability Counts started searching for a fresh approach to engage their loyal donor base.


Ability Counts selected WeWIN to create a product-based donation portal that provided 100% transparency, enabling donors to make actual online purchases that ship directly to the job site.

WeWIN’s powerful social media tools allows donors to see exactly what was being purchased for the community center as well as what is still needed.


Ability Counts started receiving specific items needed to improve their Community Center. They even made a cheeky in-house video about one of their “Wins.” Click the image below to check it out.

Outfitting schools with supplies and equipment, one classroom at a time.

Schools across the country are choosing WeWIN to make specific, product based donations easier than ever. By partnering with retailers large and small, WeWIN makes it possible for educators and staff to select and request the specific products they need, making the donation process completely transparent. Contact us and learn more

Make It Your Own

By partnering with some of the world’s biggest online retailers, WeWIN makes it easy for schools and teachers to get the equipment they need for their classrooms.

Social Reach

WeWIN's unique social sharing tools make it simple and intuitive for parents and alumni to support their local schools, wherever they are.

Transparency for All

Since donations are actually ordered online and ship directly to the school, donors see 100% of their contribution going to the classroom.

Focus | Minneapolis Public Schools


The average school teacher spends $485 out-of-pocket per year* on classroom supplies.

Minneapolis Public Schools serves a large urban population. With limited budgets and resources stretched to the limit, they set out to find new and creative ways to outfit their classrooms.

*Source: TheJournal.com


Minneapolis Public Schools selects WeWIN to target the extended community via the “WinList.”

WeWIN connects national retailers with teachers and staff to create WinLists of needed products that are then shared with the extended community via social media. Purchases from the WinList ship directly to the school.